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Beverage Distributor in San Mateo

We deliver craft beverages and service your equipment from one place

Beverage distributor and service provider in
San Mateo and surrounding cities.

Who we serve

The original Silicon Valley hub. Featuring classy and high-concept restaurants and tech cafes, San Mateo boasts innovation in every area. We're proud to partner with these innovative business and welcome new ones to join our community.


What do you need help with?

Best beverage distribution, CO2 gas filling, ice machines and dispensing equipment service in San Mateo city and county. When local bars and restaurants need a reliable partner for beverage services, they call Brix Beverage.


Beverage Distributor

We distribute small batch syrup craft soda, juice, mixers and beverage gasses to the San Mateo and surrounding cities.


Ice Machine

We offer leases to brand new ice machines and beverage coolers. We also maintain and repair your beverage equipment.

Beverage Dispenser.png

Beverage Dispensers

We lease, install and service beverage dispensers, such as soda fountain machines, soda (bar) guns, and tap systems for your beverage program.


CO2 Tank Refill

We offer CO2 and Beer Gas cylinder delivery, pickup/swap and service for your restaurant beverage systems.

Got an emergency?

(510) 564-2700

Get started now:


Round the Clock Availability

No matter the hour, we can take your service call when you get hit with the unexpected, like when your beverage equipment goes down.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our materials, labor, and equipment with our stress-free service plans.


New Equipment Leases

Instead of renting an aging ice machine or beverage dispenser, you can start with a new one. After the lease, you can own it or get replaced with a new one! You're equipment will always be running and well-maintained.


24-48 Hour Service!

We understand down beverage equipment can result in profit loss and customer dissatisfaction. We'll get you back up and running in as little as the next day!

Get the best beverage service

Best beverage services
"With Sky and his team over at Brix Beverage, they were prompt in responding, punctual and told me exactly what needed to happen and when it would happen. They told me I'd have the ice machine back within the week and we certainly did.
It was a flawless experience and I'd highly recommend them to anyone who needs service on their ice machines, soda fountains and even kegerators!

Truly a one stop shop and outstanding customer service!"



Why go with Brix Beverage?

Featured San Mateo
Restaurants Partners

Starbird Chicken Foster City.png

Best Fast Food Restaurant in Foster City

Starbird Chicken

1141 Triton Dr

Foster City, CA 94404

Call: 650-570-0593

Mon - Sat: 10:30AM - 10PM

Sun: 10:30AM - 9PM

Sixto's Cantina.png

Best Authentic Mexican Food in Burlingame

Sixtos Cantina

Call: 650-342-7600

Wed - Thurs: 3PM - 8PM

Fri - Sunday: 12PM - 8PM

Mon & Tue: Closed

McGraw's Bar.jpeg

Best Hole on the wall Pub in Belmont

McGraw's Bar & Grill

864 El Camino Real

Belmont, CA 94002

Call: 650-595-9531

Mon - Wed: 4PM - 2AM

Thurs - Sat: 11:30AM - 2AM

Sun: 11:30AM - 12AM

  • What are the signs my Beverage Dispenser may need to be replaced?
    Tasting problems and attractiveness are big reasons for a new dispenser. Here are the top 6 signs: Outdated lines Broken valves Missing O-rings Cracked nozzles Cracked fountain soda header Cracked drip grill over the drip pan
  • What components do I need for a soda dispenser Bag-in-Box system?
    A beverage dispenser system is mainly hidden in the backroom, away from your customers and guests. Here are the (11) main components you need: Beverage dispenser Cooling system (Such as a cold plate or remote cooler) CO2 Tank Primary and secondary regulators Syrup pumps Carbonator Hoses and beverage tubing Stainless fittings BIB Connectors Rack system Syrup
  • How much space do I need for a soda fountain?
    Soda fountains vary greatly in shape and sizes. In the front of the house, the fountain machine takes up significant space but serves as a branded attraction. You can easily Google and get the size directly for the model you need. Generally, the back-of-the-house system takes the most room: 5 Gal boxes of syrup: 11" x 15" x 8" (Sitting in a rack system) 20 lb. CO2 tanks: H: 28" , Diameter 8" Carbonators approx: 12" x 12" x 12" Syrup pumps are generally mounted and out of the way
  • What is the difference between a Pre-mix and Post-mix soda fountain system?
    Pre-mix is soda ready to drink (carbonated water & syrup mixed) as if you were buying it in a bottle — not much savings here. Major syrup distributors sell you the soda in bulky refillable stainless tanks for about what you can buy it for on sale at the local supermarket. Basically, glorified soda out of the bottle being dispensed from a faucet. Post-mix is where the REAL savings lies. It is the combination of carbonated water made from a carbonator and BIB syrup mixed together at the fountain head as it is being dispensed into the cup. On average, 5 gallon Bag-in-Box syrup is approx. $110. It will yield about 30 gallons of finished product.
  • Where can I get my CO2 gas and/or beer gas?
    Industrial gas suppliers, such as Airgas, or most welding supply will be able to refill/replace your CO2 tank. However, to make it easy, we offer CO2 tanks with Alameda Soda craft soda delivery.
  • How long will a box of syrup last?
    A 5 gallon box of syrup will yield you approximately 30 gallons of finished product. A 3 gallon BIB yields 20 gallons. We offer both sizes.
  • Do you have flavor labels for dispenser valves?
    Yes! You can place your order here. Or feel free to give us a call at 510-564-2700.

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