Everything Beverage, Plus...

Supplier of 

Bar Guns

Equipment Lease, Placement & Service

We offer everything you need related to beverages:

• Small Batch Soda, Premium Juice, and Craft Mixers Concentrate

• Equipment Leases

• Equipment Service and Maintenance

• Custom Full Bar Pouring Units on Wheels Rentals & Placements

We understand you need a single provider to manage many functions of your business. So we pride ourselves on being your one stop bev shop in the Bay Area. Contact us


Leases as Low as $109/Mo.

• Includes new unit, installation, service for the life of the lease

• Branded art if applicable

Leases as Low as $109/Mo.

• Includes new unit, installation and service for the life of the lease

Craft Beverages, Delivered

Local small batch soda made with organic pure cane sugar and all-natural ingredients.

Specialty Gasses

CO2 and Beer Gas 

• Provide and deliver tanks with gas, connect and empties pickup

Leases as Low as $50/Mo.

Authorized Service Provider and Installer

• Includes installation

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