May 1, 2013

I was surprised to find out how many customers had the impression that Brix Beverage was some kind of corporate giant. Like Brix was this corporate giant that gobbled up The Seven Up Bottling Company. Although I wouldn’t mind a corporate jet-- the fact is—if there’s two things we are not it’s A) corporate and B) Big. From our earnings, to the way we do business—we are everything small business! Let me explain how we came to be, as many were wondering.


In 2012 Dr. Pepper Snapple Group looked at selling the business to many other distributors, as this particular business was very different from anywhere in the rest of their It was different in the fact that no other distributors in their National Footprint had such a large base of Independent Food Service Fountain accounts.


So with no experience in this arena DPSG decided to partner with someone who they could endorse to manage this business better than they could. What better people than the people that worked for the 7up Bottling Company for years doing this business?


I was no longer working for 7up and knew that this business was up for sale. I also knew that many of my previous co-workers may be losing their jobs once the business was transferred or sold.


I formed Brix Beverage with the help of Alberto Silva from Pacific Automated Ice Machines, and together we bid on taking the business from 7up. Our hopes were to get the business, and save everyone’s job in the process.The risk was incredible for all of us. We couldn’t be just awarded the business--we would have to bid on it with other companies. If we did this, and it didn’t work, not only would we be personally broke-- we would be broke, and without a job!


So, here we are a year later, and we made it. It’s been a long run, but we are here!We hoped that in this newly formed company, we would be able to bring back the level of service and dependability that only small business could offer.


In fact we hoped to not only bring it back, but do it better!It was a crazy thing to pull off, but I think for the most part, we are on track to being a solid partner for you the customer.We personally value and respect all of our customers, and their need to run a prosperous business. We want to help you become just that.

After all, without you, there wouldn’t be a need for us. So lets grow together.If you ever have a question, problem, or solution for us to be better, I want to hear it. Please always feel free to contact me personally at 510-564-2703.


Sky Pace – CEO Brix Beverage

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