We are a part of the Alameda Point Beverage Group inc.  Located on the Island of Alameda at the former Naval Air Base. 


We are a small-business with a strong focus on local businesses. 


We provide service on beverage machines, ice machines, and many other types of equipment used in the food service industry.  In addition, we provide service and support of our sister company,  Alameda Point Craft Soda Company. 


Alameda Point Craft Soda Company creates beverages using only the best in natural ingredients, and is free of High Fructose Corn Syrup and other potentially harmful ingredients.  For more info visit www.apcraftsoda.com


We offer everything you need related to beverages-- such as soda, juice and mixers in fountain concentrate, equipment and service. We understand you need a single provider to manage many functions of your business. So we pride ourselves on being your one stop bev shop in the Bay Area.



While there are a sprinkle of outfits that specialize in independent functions of beverage service, our customers were looking for more. We heard the complaints over the lack of service and the need for one dependable vendor to handle everything related to beverage and 'behind-the-bar' equipment. Brix Beverage is the response to those needs. We identified the unique needs of foodservice groups, independent bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Then we built our business model around those needs. 

Sky Pace • CEO | Co-Owner

Anthony Sloan • CFO | Co-Owner


BRIX (Symbol °Bx) is a unit representative of the sugar content of a liquid. – Wikipedia


The name reflects our arena of beverage fountain drinks and service to the foodservice industry. It also focuses on our belief that we can offer a healthier sweetener to displace high fructose corn syrup. We're already carrying drinks made with real cane sugar. In the near furture we'll be able to provide even healthier options, such as beverages made with a light brixing of maple syrup, honey and/ or Stevia.


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